Noodle Golf Ball Review (2022)

As we all know that a golf ball is important to suit your needs and achieve the golf target. There are a wide variety of golf balls on the market and it can be a little difficult to choose the best golf ball.

Noodle Golf Ball is known for its excellent performance in the golf game. It is manufactured in 2007.

Noodle golf ball is one of the fines and soft golf balls which is perfect for beginner and intermediate golfers.

This golf ball is available at a reasonable price with durable quality. Noodle golf balls are designed for different swing speeds and maximizing distance. It is suitable for softball golf players who swings at low speed.

In the Noodle golf ball review, we insight in detail the noodle’s long and soft golf balls features, compression, technology, consistency, etc.

List of top Noodle Golf Ball

Image Product Details   Price
backpac TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls Brands: TaylorMade
Color: White
Age Range: Adult
Check Price
backpac TaylorMade Noodle Neon Matte Color Golf Balls Brands: TaylorMade
Color: Multi-Color
Age Range: Adult
Check Price
backpac Taylor Made Noodle Easy Distance Golf Balls Brands: TaylorMade
Color: White
Age Range: Adult
Check Price

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

Taylormade noodle golf ball is a real golf ball which serve from many years. It is suitable for a moderate golf swing.

It has multiple dimples that help in reduce air drag, as a result, golf shots cover longer distances. The pack has 15 golf balls.

The golf ball is durable and has a soft cover. It has been designed for a straight flight near the green.

  • Reasonable price
  • Iothane cover
  • Long and soft
  • Good distance
  • Not suitable for fast golf swing

TaylorMade Noodle Neon Matte Color Golf Balls

This golf ball has a higher compression rate. When you strike the ball, energy is equally distributed as a result golf ball goes straight. It has high-quality UV resistance. The simple design is perfect for a straight flight.

  • Perfect accuracy
  • Easy golf swing
  • Long and soft
  • Easy to see
  • Blue balls hard to see

Taylor Made 2018 Noodle Easy Distance Golf Balls

Taylormade has brought the latest technology to improve golf balls.

Noodle long and soft is easy distance golf ball is made of soft compression. The golf ball’s energy has a greater impact on the distance.  This is suitable for those golfers who have a slow swing.

The out cover is made of anti-scuff and high-quality ionomer. Perfect for beginner and senior golfers. It is available in 15 balls to pack.

  • Cheap golf ball brands
  • Consistent and long lasting
  • Improve spin
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Not suitable for average player

Noodle Golf Balls Features

Soft Feel

It has 34 compression core which is why it is the softest golf ball in the market. It is easy in the hands and provides a comfortable feeling.

While the average golf ball has 80-90 compression.


It is designed with maximum aerodynamics. It reduces air resistance as it flies. There are above-average numbers of dimples. That is why, once you strike, it flies far distance.


Its out layer is coated with iothane. This golf ball provides the softness and sturdiness of ionomer coating. The golf ball is comfortable in use.


This is one of a cheap golf ball of good quality. It is available from $15 (15 ball pack) to $22 (24 ball pack).

It mean that 99 cents cost per ball if you buy 15 ball pack and 91 cents cost per ball if buy 24 balls pack. That is why , you have peace of mind when you play golf ball.

Why it Works


The noodle golf ball is soft and travels a distance. Its surface is covered with many dimple designs which is why it is more aerodynamic.

The dimples reduce the air resistance and the golf ball goes a far distance.

The noodle long and soft ball has 34 compressions. It is soft cores gold ball in the market. The noodle long and soft golf balls are comfortable to play with.


It has softcore with more accuracy for every swing. It reduces the golf ball’s spin and flies further horizontally.

A golf ball with less spin can travel farther and straight. It has been noticed that a soft golf ball travels a short distance but the noodle long and soft is engineered in such a way, that you do not face this issue.


The noodle golf ball is very popular among golf players because it is one of the cheap golf balls of high quality.

It is made by a reputable company Taylormade.  This is best for casual, older, and inexperienced golf players.

We have selected long and soft golf balls from Noodle Golf Ball Review. It has a 15 ball pack and a 24 ball pack. The noodle golf balls have a 34 compression rate.  

The aerodynamic design helps the golf ball to fly as far as possible. The noodle long and soft compression core makes it possible to move the ball in the desired direction even if the ball is hit from an off-angle.

It is a cost-effective golf ball which is why to stress-free to use it. If a golf player lost the ball, you can continue your golf game.

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Who Makes Noodle Golf Balls?

It is manufactured and sold by Taylormade Golf Company. Its office in California, USA.

Should you buy noodle golf ball?

Yes, you should buy a Noodle golf ball. It is one of the fantastic golf balls. If you are a casual golf player, this golf ball is perfect for you.

What are the strengths of Noodle balls?

There are many strengths of noodle golf balls such as

Cheap price,
Soft and comfortable

What about the construction of the Noodle Golf Ball?

It is a two-piece of the ball, surlyn cover, and react core.

Are Noodle Balls good for seniors?

Yes, they are.
We know that when we grow older then spin speed decrease. Therefore, at that time you need a low compression rating golf ball.

Are Noodle Balls long-lasting?

Yes, they are.
Noodle golf balls are made of high quality. They are durable and sustainable.

Where is the Noodle golf ball designed?

Noodle golf ball is designed in California, USA.

Is it for players with low swing speeds?

Yes, It is specially made for players with low swing speeds.